Verse of the day

The Warrior

July 18, 2021

Her sword on the ground beside her,

Her crown askew,

Head bent, the warrior knelt down.

Where were the troops who had rallied around? 

Where was the cheering crowd?

She shivered as the cold wind blew over her.

Was this the end? 

Dark, hopeless, alone.

A glint of light touched the sword near her

And shone into her eyes, drawing her attention.

Feeling compelled to pick it up, she did;

Setting her crown straight, she stood up.

The sun was rising,

The slanting rays illumined her face,

Causing it to shine like gold. 

Her eyes lit up.

How could she forget? 

The Son had risen!

It was His Blood in her veins!

She was a fighter; a force to contend with! 

With a grin on her lips that spelt doom to her enemies, 

And fire in her eyes,

She set forth to conquer.

The victory was already hers!

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Precious in His sight

July 24, 2021

Kneeling at the feet of Jesus,

She broke her precious alabaster jar

And washed His feet

With the costly perfume

And her tears.

He valued her tears more.

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His Glory shall be Revealed

August 14, 2021

The night sky above me,

The music of crickets in the background,

Eager, Expectant,

I peer into the pitch dark horizon.

There's no sign of the light,

But I know without a doubt -

It's coming;

The light is coming

Streaks of pink,

Hues of orange,

Tastefully blended colours

Will make an appearance

In the morning sky,

As the Sun sends forth it's rays...

Gently first,

But soon fierce and bright;

It's coming!

His Glory is rising,

It's rising upon His sons and daughters

As we eagerly wait for Him to move through us.

Like never before.

- art

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September 10, 2021

Clay given form,

Breath in it's nostrils,

Walking, moving,

A purpose placed in it's heart;

Sands of time flow,

Everything shifting, changing,

Nothing permanent -

Everything transient...

Flickering lights,

Burnt out candles.

Amidst all this the race continues

For the persevering and the passionate to win.

Trophies that may fade,

Some will remain.

When the transition is complete,

And life's greatest dream achieved,

In His bosom,

Even the eternal trophies lose sheen

As the heart is finally satisfied.


At rest.

No more change.


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