A Fresh Start

August 21, 2021 by little_sparrow

A beautiful new day, the world looks so beautiful today... Washed by rains overnight, the trees are a brighter green. It's still early in the morning and the vehicles haven't had a chance to cover the world with dust yet. The sky still overcast, but the sun already rising, music playing in my car, I am reminded of the goodness and overwhelming love of the Father who embraced me to Himself even when I was covered in the dirt of sin, loving me, washing me clean and beautifying my life... Giving me a fresh new start... What love... My heart hurts to think of His goodness - of how He stoops everytime I mess up and my head is bent... He wipes my tears, lifts my head... and I lose myself in His gaze of love and as the tears of love and gratitude flow down my cheeks... He smiles at me and tells me I belong to Him. I am precious. I remember and I look into His eyes and smile. ❤