His Eyes are on You

August 8, 2021 by little_sparrow
As I was spending time in the Presence of God this morning, God brought to my mind a picture of Ruth, the Moabite woman, bending over in the field, picking up leftover grain behind the workers. Head bent, a foreigner in a strange country, all alone among new people, she must have quietly worked, her thoughts to herself, no one to share them with, that I until Boaz saw her.  The owner of the field saw this poor, lonely woman and had compassion on her. (Ruth chapter 2) That’s when God spoke to me and told me His eyes of compassion, love and favour are always on us, His beloved, cherished children!  He has never left our side. He cares deeply about what we go through, and even as we cross tough paths, valleys, He is right there with us, caring for us. Dear reader! The One who created this universe, who owns everything in it – His eyes of love are on you!  Rest in the knowledge that He loves you, cares about you and is powerful enough to bring to pass every good thing He has planned for you in your life! He is there right by your side, leading you on to greater heights! Ruth, the poor Moabite woman, soon became the owner of the field! Her head was lifted high in the very place where she once bent down, picking up leftovers. Be ready, for your time is coming soon, when God will lift you up for all to see, and He will be glorified through you.